About Sovima Habitations

Corporate Profil

Sovima Habitations specialises in the constructions of multi-unit residences on the South shore. The company's organisational structure allows for large-scale project management.

Sovima always involves the future owner in the accomplishment of their project. Customer proximity is important to understand and carry out their wishes. In addition, Sovima carefully selects its suppliers and subcontractors in order to provide a trustworthy, quality construction.

Customer satisfaction has always been
the company's goal.


The Gala Habitation is the most eagerly awaited yearly event in Quebec for residentiel construction companies. Awards highlight entrepreneurs whose excellence and determination stood out in the last year in their respective field.

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Qualité Habitation Guarantee (ACQ)

The Qualité Habitation de l'ACQ guarantee certifies entrepreneurs' competency and reliabilty. Sovima Habitations holds the platinum certificate of accreditation and was also a 2006 finalist at the Gala Habitation de l'ACQ in the Prestige-Production category.

In 2007, Sovima Habitations won the award for young company with less than five years existence that made its mark in residential construction and renovation.

Again in 2008, Sovima stood out among 1,450 companies and was a finalist in the following categories:

  • Entrepreneur of the Year, single-family houses between $300-400K
  • Project of the Year
  • Gas Project

This recognition highlights Sovima Habitations' excellence and constancy in bulding quality projects that respect the strictest criteria in order to give its customers complete satisfaction.

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Energetic Efficiency

Sovima Habitations is certified Novoclimat by the Agence de l'efficacité énergétique du Quebec. This certification insures a residence of superieur manufacturing quality while providing comfort and savings.

Since the creation of the Villas sur Golf project, Sovima builds over 80% of its houses according to Novomclimat specifications.

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